What you'll learn

Function Camp is a fast track way to learn React.

React is a tool which is used to build interactive websites. Airbnb, Facebook, Dropbox and Tesla all use React on their sites.

On the path to learn React we'll be learning a bunch of other prerequisite technologies:


HTML and CSS is how you build and style a website. In CSS we'll learn the modern 'flexbox' layout model.


Git and Github are the industry standard tools used for collaborating on code in a team and for backing up code. Programmers don't leave home without it!


Javascript is a programming language, if you want to code websites, Javascript is the one you have to use. In the past decade modern Javascript has had a resurgence and is widely used for websites and servers.


Putting all of the above together you'll learn how to build interactive websites (think: Reddit, Facebook or Youtube) using React.

Why these choices?

A lot of people use these technologies

These technologies are popular. This matters because it means there are a lot of resources to help you learn, if you're stuck on something you're more likely to find help online.

They're a solid start to becoming a great programmer

After completing Function Camp you'll have a good grasp of how to build interactive websites with React. But you'll also find it easy to take those skills to build server applications in Node or build Apps using React Native.

The job market pays people with these skills

Experienced React developers command 6-figure salaries. To start with you won't be experienced! But this course is the first step to a good career that pays well.