Javascript Practice Introduction

Well done on making it this far! That last section was tough.

You've just learned the fundamentals of Javascript, which the rest of the course (and your programming career!) will heavily rely on.

Let's practice

Before we move on to the next topics you're going to practice.

The goals of this section:

  • Make sure that as much of what we just learned has stuck
  • Teach you some useful functions that you'll use quite often

This section is tricky

Up until now the tasks have mirrored the content you've just learned, this section puts multiple topics together.

You'll need to think, problem solve and Google things.

I encourage you to go back to the previous sections to recap if that helps you.

The goal of this section is for you to slightly struggle, because slightStruggle === learning, but not too much. If you get stuck for more than 1.5 hours, please, please come ask a question in the community and we'll help unstick you!